Lucina is named after the goddess of birth. She is noble and sacred and holding the torch to symbolize the pain and greatness of childbirth. Lucina is a symbol of the freshmen’s light and strength. All the products under LUCINA name are to help mums with the baby birth and growth.

Lucina covers the products for baby feeding, toddling and eating. The main tenet of Lucina is to ease the pain or frustration which might be caused by baby birth and growth.

SO, Lucina was born.

  • LUCINA originated from Holland, Holland's three majorindustries - animal husbandry, flowers and plants, all providing natural raw materials for products.
  • LUCINA can be named after the goddess. There must be the goddess's Guardian power, many products and pregnant women.
  • Loving babies is natural, and loving mothers should do betterbecause babies are more great, and providing safe productsto mothers is a basic requirement.
  • Natural I forces undoubtedly contain strong vitality. Everynatural extract, every natural raw material, has more healthprotection.